Saul Vancaskerkin (Deceased)

Previous owner of Golden Goblin


A short, middle aged human male. He is somewhat portly and has slicked back, graying black hair and a short beard. His left hand is missing, and in its place is an unusual key shaped stump, though the key seems too large for any conventional lock.


A lifelong criminal. In his youth, Saul jumped from gang to gang, often selling out old bosses to gain higher favor with new ones. Eventually becomes active with most of the major Riddleport crime lords. When Saul’s son, Orik, murdered an alchemist named Falk and fled the city. Falk’s brother and Riddleport crime lord Clegg Zincher came after Saul. Saul attempted to cover up evidence with the aid of his other son Verik, but he too fled the city for a better life in Korvosa. After this, Saul murdered his current wife and set his house on fire in an attempt to fake his own death but was caught fleeing the scene. Though he was sentenced to death, Zincher used some favors to get the Overlord to reduce the sentence to heavy fines and the loss of a hand.

Enraged at his humiliation, Saul found a possible ally in a mysterious elf who needed capital for some research and wanted Saul to operate the Gold Goblin as a front for her. He accepted the position with the hopes of finding a means to his revenge.

Saul’s remains were found in some smuggler’s tunnels below Riddleport by adventurers. Evidence suggests he was eaten by some monsters inhabiting the cave.

Saul Vancaskerkin (Deceased)

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