Samaritha Beldusk


A young and beautiful half-elf woman with wavy red hair and a few Varisian tattoos on her face and neck.


Samaritha came to Riddleport several weeks ago, intrigued by the Cyphergate Riddle and harboring hopes of becoming a full-fledged cyphermage. Unfortunately, no cyphermages were taking apprentices when she arrived, and now with the group so distracted by the Blot, she feels she has little hope of finding such a patron. With her funds running low, she resigned herself to a long wait with a mundane job until her prospects brightened. After having a tough time finding a respectable job that didn’t require her to abandon her morals, she came to the Gold Goblin to apply as a waitress. If she can’t get a job here, she has resigned herself to spending the last of her money to return to Magnimar and abandoning her dream of becoming a cyphermage.

Samaritha was not overly enthusiastic about this new job, but her natural friendliness and honest nature shone through and PCs agreed to take her on. She immediately took a liking to them, particularly Gargus who was especially kind to her. Her positive attitude, friendliness, and good looks did wonders for the Gold Goblin and helped the establishment get back on good ground.

Eventually Samaritha was able to find the apprenticeship she desired and she left the Gold Goblin. Her apprenticeship took her to the island of Devil’s Elbow where fate would fast track her to full mage status, but at the cost of being the only survivor in her group.

Samaritha Beldusk

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