Larur Feldin (Deceased)


The previous floor manager of the Gold Goblin, Larur was one of its few loyal employees. He remained after the “Cheat the Devil” tournament debacle, unlike most of the rest of the Goblin’s work force.


Saul had Larur killed because he was becoming too aware of Saul’s underhanded dealings and was catching on to the payments Saul was making to the Unknown Dark Elf. After having him murdered, Saul used his death as an excuse to send adventurers to his loan shark to get revenge. The adventures played right into Saul’s hands and killed the loan shark, absolving Saul of his debt.

The same adventurers later found Larur’s remains in one of the animal cages kept in the lower area of the Gold Goblin

Larur Feldin (Deceased)

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