Clegg Zincher

Riddleport Crimelord


Clegg Zincher is one of Riddleport’s more publicly known, respected, and feared crimelords. Although his primary sources of income are from the city’s arena and various semi-legal (and outright illegal) activites involving groups of unskilled laborers, he meddles in numerous affairs all across Riddleport. While his influence over the city continues to rise, the amount of control he can exert directly remains frustratingly low—at least, to him it does.


Clegg Zincher is a broad-shouldered man. He has short gray hair and the leathery, wrinkled face of a man who spent most of his youth working under the sun. His beard is short and stubbly, almost an afterthought, and he wears at all times an amulet of natural armor +1 bearing an image of a two-headed roc (few know the amulets true value to Clegg). Zincher wears a leather cord on one shoulder, on which he has threaded several dried goblin ears—trophies from his first triumphant battle. Predatory flightless birds fascinate Zincher. They often serve in his arena as mascots (never as combatants), and he often brings along a trio of trained axebeaks on this trips to serve him as guardians and companions.

He made a public appearance within the Gold Goblin in the early weeks, clearly stating a personal vendetta for Saul and alluding to his interest in the heroes. It is suspected he was involved in the raid on the Gold Goblin that was out to kill Saul Vancaskerkin (Deceased). This raid was quashed by adventurers who later, betrayed by Saul, also raided the gambling hall. Zincher was denied his revenge on Saul when he was found dead underground.

Zincher is currently on Devil’s Elbow hunting for skymetal. His group was one of the very first to arrive during the Skymetal Rush

Clegg Zincher

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