xLuevan's Second Darkness

What has come before pt.1

A summary of events from book 1

The story begins in a city of Riddleport. Gargus, Krolgar, and Etna, each for their own reasons, attended an evening at the Gold Goblin. The gaming hall, owned and operated by Saul Vancaskerkin (Deceased), was hosting an event named “Cheat the Devil and win his gold!” when it came under attack by a group of thugs. Though the PC’s fail to thwart the robbery, they are able to track down the thieves and end them. On their return they are offered employment and interest in the gaming hall.

As the PC’s worked to maintain the struggling gambling hall, Riddleport was also undergoing a bizarre phenomenon dubbed The Blot, however the PC’s took little interest in the event as they were swept up in the murder of Larur Feldin, underhanded crime, treachery and betrayal. The PC’s learned about various crime lords in the city including Avery Slyeg and Clegg Zincher, as well as the shady Ziozef Zizzouzzozethothz. The party also meet the cyphermage apprentice Samaritha Beldusk and the wizardess Indira. As things started to improve for the PC’s and the Gold Goblin, Saul began to grow weary of them. He hatched a plan to be rid of the group once and for all by sending them into an ambush at the boneyard, however they were rescued by an elf ranger named Kwava. Kwava revealed to the PC’s that he was an agent of the Shin’Rakorath and was sent to investigate Saul.

Armed with the knowledge of their betrayal by Saul, the PC’s decided to have a final showdown with their former employer. First they delivered a message to rival crimelords in an effort to enlist their aid against a common foe, however Avery Slyeg and Clegg Zincher were more than happy to simply let the chips fall as they would, and maybe come pick up the pieces if it seemed worthwhile. However the PC’s were able to enlist the aid of Ziozef and his right hand Hendricks. In the meantime, Saul had not simply assumed his ambush had been successful. He barricaded himself in the Gold Goblin and prepared for war.

While Ziozef and his man handled sentries and snipers, the remaining PC’s stormed the interior of the gambling hall. Unaware of their boss’s betrayal, the guards attempted to fend of the reportedly turncoat PC’s. Some were slain and some were spared but in the end they were able to buy Saul enough time to slip through a trap door in the basement arena. After the battle the PC’s decided to rest up before giving chase and after explaining the situation allowed any remaining employee’s to choose to stay or go.

After a brief respite, the PC’s made their way through the trap door. Below the Gold Goblin they discovered a system of long forgotten smugglers tunnels. Below the earth, the PC’s encountered troglodytes, pirate ghosts, swamp barracuda, and aquatic gricks. At the gricks the PC’s found the remains of Saul, only recognizable by the false key-hook hand that had previously adorned his arm. Further into the tunnels, past some bizarre fungi the party stumbled upon two dretches that began to howl and gibber in alarm before attacking. Just as the PC’s could finish off the fiends, the tunnels went magically dark. After some blind stumbling the PC’s managed to find a ladder out of the tunnels. Back outside the party saw an Unknown Dark Elf making her way up the Cyphergate. The Unknown Dark Elf leaped off the Cyphergate and feather fell onto the deck of a passing ship below.

Not sure what to make of what just happened; the PC’s went back into the tunnels to retrieve a rather large coffer they had found. After concocting elaborate plans on how to get the trunk over the Cyphergate the group was ready to call it a day, when disaster struck. In the dwindling light of the evening a huge fireball streaked through the western sky before striking some unknown target. For a few moments after all was calm, but then the ground begun to shake as a huge wave came racing toward the pier. The wave crushed the docks, and surges inland to the wharf before subsiding. The PC’s were quick to provide assistance to victims of the wave before calling an end to an exhausting day.



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