xLuevan's Second Darkness

What has come before pt. 2

A summary of events from book 2

Upon their return to the Gold Goblin, the PC’s found a surprising level of activity within. Under the PC’s noses, Ziozef had acquired the deed and rights to the Gold Goblin. He had wasted no time in organizing a repair and remodel effort that was sorely needed after the PC’s raid from the previous night. Despite becoming the new owner however, the PC’s still maintained their shares in the establishment, effectively placing them in the same position they were in with Saul. The PC’s head to their quarters for a well-earned respite.

About two weeks later, the PC’s are contacted by Kwava. He had reported the PC’s adventures to his superiors in the Shin’Rakorath and they believe the dark elves are responsible for the meteor strike on Devil’s Elbow. They have requested that the PC’s head to the island to investigate and have already charters passage for them. Adventure and curiosity, as well as the possibility of rare metals, drive the PC’s to agree to the proposal.

The PC’s headed down to the docks, which were still being repaired from the recent tsunami, to have dinner with the captain of the vessel they would be sailing on. There they found The Flying Cloud and her captain, Captain Josper Creesy. The Captain entertained the PC’s, telling them tales of his speed sailing achievements and told them the History of Devil’s Elbow. Partway through the dinner, the PC’s began to hear unusual noises above deck. The Captain went to investigate and began to call out, “Fire on deck! Fire on deck!”. As the PC’s emerged they discovered the sails and rigging of the ship were set ablaze and some suspicious figures were taking their leave. The PC’s and Creesy’s crew were able to subdue the saboteurs and save the ship with minimal damage. Interogating the men only revealed that they were simple vandals, but the PC’s suspected more. However, repairs minimal the group was able to set out with little delay the next day.

As the group, comprised of Gargus, Krolgar, Etna, and Indira, made they way to the island, the Captain began to lose his bravado concerning the rumors surrounding the island. The PC’s agreed to dock and let the ship sail back out to sea. The ship would come back to pick them up when they saw a flare, or would come in two weeks if no flare was seen. However, when the shipped docked and the PC’s departed they ran across a group of tattered dwarves and men. The 5 members were all that remained of the expedition team sent by the steamforges, and were led by Gravin Goldhammer. The dwarf explained to the group that his group had arrived just a few days ago and were besieged by beasts they couldn’t identify. Members of his group who had been wounded later perished and began to attack them as some sort of long tongued undead. He and his group had run into the cyphermages up in Witchlight but otherwise knew of no one else on the island. The Captain was all too happy to ferry the men back to Riddleport but agreed to be back where he could see the flare by the next day, and with that The Flying Cloud departed.

The PC’s made their way up the mountain to Witchlight. When they arrived they found an abandoned village with no one living in sight. As they headed further into the village they were accosted by the strange undead Gravin had spoken of. The undead had no jaws and lashed out with terrible whip like tongues. After laying the dead to rest once more, the PC’s found the door to the lighthouse was manned. The Cyphermages had held up in the lighthouse for protection but were no better off than Gravin and his men had been. Their leader had perished to the strange beasts and now only a small group of them remained led by Samaritha Beldusk. The cyphermage was elated to see her old friends again, but had to report that Indira’s parents had perished.

As Samaritha revealed the facts of the last few days, a cry came out that that lighthouse was under attack again. Samaritha headed downstairs to double check the defenses when clawing sounds began to rise out from outside. Taking a peak out the windows, the PC’s saw unusual beasts clawing their way up the lighthouse walls. The beasts made no noise, and were sleek and catlike. The beasts were climbing on to the tower in huge numbers, and soon were breaking through windows and assaulting the occupants inside. The PC’s prepared to fight for their lives, when suddenly the earth began to shake and the ground collapsed from under the tower. The ground had been damaged by the meteor impact and the extra weight of the beasts was finally enough to send it to brine below. The tower plunged over the cliff, taking the PC’s, cyphermages, and alien beasts with it. After a terrifying 100ft fall down to the shore, the PC’s somehow emerged from the lighthouse safe but battered with an unconscious Samaritha. All around them, the alien beasts were flailing in pain as the seawater seemed to be dissolving them, until the last of them perished.

With regrets of the fallen cyphermages, the PC’s are now tasked with getting back up on the island and continuing their investigation.



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